We are on a mission to create entertainment centers that will act as ambassadors for water, its protection, and our children’s future access to clean and ample water. Our purpose is to create the world's clearinghouse for all water related themes and to do it in an entertaining and accessible fashion that engages as wide an audience as possible and brings joy and wonder to peoples lives.

What is the New York Museum of Water?

The New York Museum of Water is the first and only public museum in the United States solely dedicated to water and the only one in the world to provide a global perspective on this ubiquitous yet often hidden element. It will feature the most comprehensive collection of water-related artifacts and exhibits ever placed on public display. The stories of individual human beings in contact with water, told through art, film, and interactive and state-of-the-art exhibits, provide a dynamic context to foster an understanding of water and its impact on current and historic events.

What is the New York Museum of Water's Mission?

The mission of the New York Museum of Water is to educate the public about water in an engaging manner and to provide a dynamic context that fosters understanding of its important role in, and impact on, current and historic events. In the words of the Museum's Founder, Asher Shomrone "The NY Museum of WATER is more than history - more than information or entertainment - its mission is to reflect the significance of water as arguably the greatest driving component of our human culture."

What else can the New York Museum of Water contribute?

The Museum contributes to the public's understanding of the critical role of water in the world throughout history to the present day. The Museum has tremendous potential to contribute to future research, publication and public discussion about the world of water including commerce, transportation, energy, economy, national security, and the breakthrough developments in science and technology which have so characterized our times.

How can the Museum maintain a non-political and international perspective?

The Museum presents the world history and current events of water within a context that will allow visitors to draw their own judgments and conclusions. The focus of the NY Museum of Water is on humans touched by water, not political ideology. Our research indicates that valuing water is universal and that the degree of value, emphasis and reverence for water that a culture has is related to the quality of life of the people. We raise the profile of water wherever it exists, and strive to serve by uncovering the phenomenon of hidden water that permeates all aspects of our lives.

Are there other "water" museums?

The subject of water is addressed at several other institutions both nationally and internationally. Unlike the NY Museum of Water, they focus on a specific time period or use (e.g. power), maritime history, a municipal system or event (e.g. tsunami). The New York Museum of Water is the first and only museum of its kind that does not limit its interpretation of water by geography, limited field of interest or specific time periods. We share the previously untold story of humans and water on earth.